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Sonata Duodecmia "La Strozza" - Composed by Mauritzio Cazzati (1659)
Arranged for Brass Quintet by Russell Gilmour
This delightful and incredibly catchy renaissance piece would make for a great encore. If you were expecting polyphonic renaissance music - think again… this is almost like early-music Jazz!

Originally for two soprano instruments and basso continuo, this arrangement retains most of the original soprano lines in the two trumpet parts (although the duet does pass briefly through the horn and trombone parts during the triple-time section). The piece displays a flurry of virtuosity and the accompaniment is presented in a wonderful chaconne-esque style.
2 x Trumpet in C
1 x Horn in F
1 x Trombone in Bass Clef
1 x Tuba

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