Musical Instrument Museum - Brussels

Although I have visited Belgium on a number of occasions, I have never had the luxury of a free day in Brussels (except on a Monday, when the museum was closed). So, I took the opportunity to use up some British Airways and Eurostar vouchers, and visit Brussels especially to see the famous musical instrument museum. I arrived in Belgium on Tuesday 12th April 2022. I had arranged to meet up with the
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Mozart - Idomeneo - Les Talens Lyriques - Mozartfest Würzburg

It all began with doubt as I boarded the train towards London St. Pancras. In light of the coronavirus situation French entry requirements had changed just 10 hours before I travelled, which left some doubt as to whether I would be permitted to get even as far as the Eurostar lounge. Luckily, entry was permitted. I travelled to Puteaux, to the west of Paris where I would be in quarantine. Other Parisians
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Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No.2 - Recording - Bachwoche Ansbach 2019

As I played the final phrase of my tenth performance of Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No.2 in F major [BWV 1047] (which took place last Saturday at Castle Ashby) I felt as I often do after playing that piece - that it would be great to play it again very soon. Playing Brandenburg 2 is a definite adrenaline rush and there’s something in the thrill of its survival that makes you
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Aldeburgh Festival 2019 - Vox Luminis - Snape Maltings

‘Snape Maltings, Snape Maltings, Thank Benjamin Britten for Snape Maltings’ was the specially-written encore of Vox Luminis’ King Arthur performance at Snape Maltings in 2017. That memorable performance, exactly two years ago, was my first appearance with the group and there have been many exceptional projects in the interim, including performances at Versailles, the Utrecht Early Music Festival,
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Hampton Court Palace - ‘Christmas at Court’

On Thursday 13th of December 2018 I deputised at Hampton Court Palace, playing festive music (some music had direct links to the palace) on 19th Century instruments as part of the palace’s ‘Christmas at Court’ events. A duo of brass players accompanied several of the grace-and-favour residents of 1906 and members of the public as they sang carols around the Christmas tree in Clock Court at 11:15
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Handel - Eternal Source of Light Divine - The Charterhouse

At 4pm on Thursday 9th of August 2018, I performed at The Charterhouse in London for the funeral service of Nicolas Christopher Henry Browne-Wilkinson (b. 30th March 1930- d.25th July 2018). Julian Perkins played preliminary music on the organ by Bach and Handel, before the Introit ‘Psalm 23’ by Charles Hylton Stewart was sung by the choir. The choir consisted of Augusta Hebbert (soprano), Tom
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Cut in Clerkenwell

The Hand Engravers Association of Great Britain hosted an exhibition at Craft Central in Clerkenwell, London. I had become aware of this organisation after finding and watching their videos on YouTube, and subsequently had been browsing their website. I had been impressed with the videos and the organisation in general and what they are doing to help to spread interest in preserving this craft.33-35
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Den Haag

I visited Graham Nicholson in The Hague, in order to tune, fit and finish the crooks for the Steinmetz Horn - details of this instrument may be found in my earlier post. Taking the night boat from Harwich on Sunday evening meant hat I arrived at Hoek van Holland early on Monday morning. We spent the day making a mouthpiece in the workshop and starting work on the crooks. On Monday evening,
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