Bach - Cantatas 62, 63, 110 & 243 - Luxembourg & Budapest

When I was a student at the Royal College of Music I proposed a series of classes (in 2011) that would be organised and directed by postgraduate students from the Historical Performance department. Since I had proposed the idea, I had the job of arranging the inaugural class and I could choose the repertoire myself. I chose Johann Sebastian Bach’s ‘Christen, ätzet diesen Tag’ [BWV 63], originally
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Bach - Weihnachtsoratorium - San Sebastián & Luxembourg

Spain is a country I have visited only twice before. The more recent trip was to Úbeda with the Academy of Ancient Music in 2013. I performed as a soloist playing Handel’s Diana cacciatrice [HWV 79] with the soprano soloist Lucy Crowe. Before that I visited Spain for the first time with Le Concert Lorrain. We finished an extensive European tour in Burgos on the 21st of December 2010 with a performance
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New Year Concert - Saarbrücken - Handel - Messiah

The Evangelische Chorgemeinschaft an der Saar and Le Concert Lorrain invited me to perform in their New Year Concert, at the Congreßhalle in Saarbrücken. It took place on the Saturday 7th of January 2017. The group, directed by Georg Grün, performed Handel’s ‘Messiah’ with notable soloists from the UK and Germany.The trumpet section consisted of Russell Gilmour (1st trumpet) and William Russell
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Bach - Weihnachtsoratorium - Luxembourg & Metz

After two days and two Weihnachtsoratorium performances in Germany, I travelled on to Luxembourg by train and car to join a different Weihnachtsoratorium project, this time with Le Concert Lorrain on Monday 19th of December 2016. From the starting point in Halle I went by train to Köln via Hannover - where I met the third trumpet player, Gareth. From the outskirts of Köln, we met the conductor who
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New Year Concert - Saarbrücken - Bach & Vivaldi

I visited Germany to play in a New Year Concert at the Congreßhalle in Saarbrücken. It was held on Sunday 2nd of January 2016. I played in the equivalent concert last year, on the 1st of January 2015 - when it was held in the Ludwigskirche in Saarbrücken. The initial idea had been to perform Handel’s Messiah in the 2016 concert, but unfortunately the Congresshalle had already recently hosted a
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Saarbrücken - Easter Oratorio & Ascension Oratorio

Over the weekend, I performed an all-Bach programme in Saarbrücken in Germany with Le Concert Lorrain. The programme included the Easter Oratorio (BWV 249), Concerto for Oboe, Violin, Strings and Basso Continuo (BWV 1060) and the Ascension Oratorio (BWV 11) and it had attracted a large audience to the Stiftskirche St. Arnual in Saarbrücken, Germany for a 5pm performance on Sunday 26th April 2015. The
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New Year Concert in Saarbrücken

It was great to spend New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in Saarbrücken in Germany for a concert of music by Bach and Telemann. The concert was given by the French group Le Concert Lorrain. The section of three natural trumpets and timpani included myself on first trumpet, William Russell on 2nd and Olivier Picon on 3rd, with Frithjof Koch on Timpani. We played music intended for the New Year, including
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Deutschland Radio Kultur Broadcast - 28.01.2014

A recording from a concert given last week in Kaiserslautern (featuring Russell Gilmour) will be broadcast on German National Radio: 'Deutschland Radio Kultur' - this evening (Tuesday 28th January 2014) at 19:03 GMT (20:03 in German time) - after the news.Russell is playing with the French ensemble, 'Le Concert Lorrain' and he features in the first item in the programme: the Telemann Trumpet Concerto
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