Bach - Christ lag in Todes Banden - New College, Oxford

After yesterday’s recording of Bach’s Easter Oratorio [BWV 249] and Der Himmel Lacht! Die Erde jubilieret [BWV 31], and last week’s recording of the B Minor Mass [BWV 232], I was invited back to Oxford to perform Christ lag in Todes Banden [BWV 4]. I play the Cornetto for a video recording at the chapel of New College, Oxford as part of Oxford Bach Soloists’ Easter festival.

I played the Cornetto at A=465Hz [in chorton], while most other players in the ensemble performed at A=415Hz [in kammerton], which is customary for this piece. I was situated within the choir, surrounded by their fantastic sound; rarely have I enjoyed the sound of a choir so much. I was within the soprano section, doubling the voices, alongside Rowan Pierce, and Lucy Cox, Lucy Cronin and Gwen Martin were a few metres behind us.

After the recording session finished for the ensemble, the incredible organist Dónal McCann recorded one of Bach’s organ works (based on the chorale tune used in BWV 4). He impressively transposed this complex organ work down a semitone, so it would fit in with the programme at A=415Hz, on the organ of New College Chapel.

New College is another exceptionally photogenic venue, and I enjoyed capturing a few iPhone photographs in golden hour.


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