Gorczycki - Volume II Released

I recently received my copy of the Gorczycki - Volume II CD, directed by Andrzej Kosendiak, from the National Forum for Music in Wrocław, Poland. I participated in the recording in July 2014, you can read my earlier article here.

The disc has turned out very well. It was very well recorded by CD Accord. The Schoeps microphones have been given a very pleasing sound of the ensemble. The editing has been done with excellent attention to detail. Congratulations to Aleksandra Nagórko & Andrzej Sasin from CD Accord.

The CD features myself, Russell Gilmour, and Stephen Gilbey playing natural trumpets in Bb, C and D (at A=415Hz) with vent holes.

The instrumentation of the earlier volume: single strings, continuo and two trumpets: has been extended in this second volume to additionally include two oboes.

The disc is just as well presented as the first volume - complete with the same embossing of Gorczycki's signature on the front cover. A really classy touch.


Congratulations to all involved.


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