Bad Gandersheim

I visited Bad Gandersheim in Germany to play first trumpet in Bach's Christmas Oratorio. I played this concert with the Gottingen Baroque Orchestra, led by the violinist, Henning Vater.

Bad Gandersheim is a small town, about an hour's drive south of Hanover. I arrived in Hanover after a very early flight from London Heathrow. I had time to explore Hanover before being picked up outside Hanover Hauptbahnhof by the 2nd trumpet player, Thomas Boger.

We arrived and rehearsed on Friday evening. On Saturday afternoon we had to play a children's version of the Christmas Oratorio, with extracts taken mostly from part 1 of the piece. Then in the evening, we performed Cantatas I to III.

On Sunday we rehearsed parts III to VI, and in the evening we performed the whole piece, Cantatas I to VI. The concert was enjoyable, and we enjoyed some great instrumental solos throughout the piece! I enjoyed playing Großer Herr, as always - it is just such a pleasing aria to play. Well-written for the trumpet!


The town was picturesque and sleepy. I enjoyed the tea and homemade cakes in a cafe just opposite the church, and the Weihnachts market outside the church was excellent, even boasting a stable of live animals: goats, sheep, donkeys and alpacas! Guntram (the third trumpet player) and I, visited the town museum to climb to the high musician's balcony at the top of the tower in the town hall. It gave us a great view over the church and Christmas market.



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