Mozart - Requiem - St Philip’s Church, Norbury

On Sunday 3rd April 2022 I performed Mozart’s Requiem at St Philip’s Church in Norbury, London, with the St. Philip’s Choir and the orchestra Libera. Sam Coates directed the orchestra and this young and excellent choir.

The performance began with a hymn—My Song Is Love Unknown—sung by the choir and the congregation, accompanied by church organ and (a special arrangement had been produced for) the orchestra.

I played in a reduced brass and timpani section, with Neil Brough (trumpet), Tom Lee (timpani) and Phil Dale (trombone).

This was an excellent performance. It was great to hear so many young people singing at such a high level. They clearly have a very good thing going in this choir, which is a great testament to the boys’ hard work and to that of their teachers.

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