Bach - B Minor Mass - Cheam

St Andrew's Church in Cheam, (in the London Borough of Sutton) was the venue for a performance of Bach’s B Minor Mass on Saturday 16th of April 2016. The performance was given by the St Cecilia Chorus and the Little Baroque Company (orchestra). The performance was directed by Jonathan Rennert.

It was a fantastic orchestra and the choir did a wonderful job singing this epic and virtuosic work.


Soprano: Ruth Gomme
Soprano: Eleanor Ross
Countertenor: Iestin Morris
Tenor: Gareth Treseder
Bass: Charles Pott


Trumpets: Russell Gilmour, Will Russell, Gareth Hoddinott
Timpani: Craig Apps
Horn: Martin Lawrence
Oboes: Mark Baigent, Jane Downer, Geoff Coates
Flutes: Eva Caballero, Marta Congalves
Bassons: Inga Maria Klaucke, Hayley Pullen
Violins: Karin Bjork, Kinga Ujszaszi, 2nds: Susan Carpenter Jacobs, Stephen Pedder
Violas: Jordan Bowron, Geoff Urwin
Cellos: Carina Drury, Alice Manthorpe Saunders
Double Bass: Jacqueline Dossor
Organ: Ian le Grice

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