Warwick - Haydn & Mozart

I performed Haydn’s ‘Nelson Mass’ and Mozart’s ‘Requiem’ at St Mary’s Collegiate Church in the Old Square in Warwick on Saturday 11th of March 2017. Thomas Corns directed the Choirs of St Mary’s Collegiate Church and the period instrument orchestra, led by Lucy Russell.


Imogen Russell (soprano)
Judy Brown (mezzo-soprano)
Matthew Sandy (tenor)
Edmund Saddington (bass)

For Mozarts Requiem’ the orchestra played from the Oxford University Press’ edition, by Richard Maunder.

While I was visiting Warwick, I took the opportunity to locate and visit one of the best-preserved trumpets by the renowned English instrument maker, William Bull. The silver trumpet is in excellent condition and the highly-decorated garland is engraved ‘WILLIAM BULL LONDINI FECIT'. The trumpet is prominently displayed at the Market Hall Museum in Warwick.


Photography © Russell Gilmour

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