Messiah in Kew Green with Ars Eloquentiae

My final Messiah of the year was in Kew Green with Ars Eloquentiae, directed by Chad Kelly.

I have had the pleasure of performing with this group on several other occasions over the past few years. This time the group was joined by a hand-picked ensemble of 12 vocalists.

The group performed Handel's Messiah to a full audience at St. Anne's Church in Kew Green, London. The good sense of energy made what is probably the final Messiah of the season, for most of us, very enjoyable and memorable.

I played the Trumpet Shall a Sound, as it was originally notated - without the double dotting - hopefully reinstating the significance of this fanfare, as it was originally played (without the double dots) as the judge entered court.

The concert concluded with rapturous applause followed by three verses of O Come All Ye Faithful - in baroque pitch - as an encore! It was a great way to finish the concert and Messiah season.

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