Spiritato! at the Forge

'Spiritato!' gave a concert at The Forge in Camden on Tuesday 3rd of February 2015.

The group performed works by:
H Purcell: King ArthurOverture : Air : Act I Overture

H Purcell: Sonata in Four Parts No.3 in A minor
W Corbett
: Suite in DOuverture : Aria : Gavotta : Sarabanda : Minuet : Air Ecossois : Air : Marche : Minuet

G F Rebel: Les Caractères de la danse

~ Interval ~
G Fantini: Sonata a due Trombe detta del Gucciardini
G Legrenzi: Sonata a Quarta in DAdagio assai : Allegro : Adagio : Allegro : Adagio
G Bononcini: Sinfonia decima a 7Adagio – Allegro : Adagio – Largo - Allegro
N Matteis: Extracts from Ayres for the Violin
P Franceschini: Suonata a 7 con due TrombeGrave : Allegro : Adagio : Allegro

The orchestra consisted of:

Trumpets: Will Russell, Russell Gilmour
Violins: Kinga Ujszászi, John Crockatt
Viola: Joanne Miller
Cello: Alice Manthorpe Saunders
Bassoon: Inga Klaucke
Harpsichord: Nicolás Mendoza

The Forge is small but well-equipped and these chamber works were suitable for the venue. The room has a high ceiling and it feels spacious both acoustically and architecturally.

The small orchestra played with good spirit, as their name suggests, and there were several spectacular pieces which seemed to delight the audience - especially the Ciaconna from the Matteis - with virtuosic playing from Kinga Ujszászi in particular. The Trumpet Suonata a 7 con due Trombe by Petronio Franceschini was a particular highlight for me. It is always a joy to play this piece. It is really remarkable and highly episodic in its rhetorical content. It also exploits the minor key - in a kind of ironic usage of the trumpet - which adds to the wonderful peculiarity of the piece.

The programme included a good selection of known and unknown pieces - the William Corbett Suite in D was also an excellent choice. It has only been played a handful of times since Corbett's day. It is certainly a piece that should be heard more often.

William Russell, the organiser of the event, provided a commentary between pieces which was both informative and amusing. The audience enjoyed raising a glass with members of the ensemble afterwards.

Congratulations to Spiritato!

Russell Gilmour
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