Natural Trumpet Courses

Join Russell Gilmour and a select group of like-minded individuals for an intensive (no-holes) natural trumpet weekend course - 'by invitation only' - at a venue in Bedfordshire.

[N.B. Instruments are available for hire for the duration of the course only].

For more information on these courses, please contact Russell to view pricing, request an invitation or view the online brochure.
Here's a short video from the most recent course:


Here's what people said (all comments are anonymous) at similar past courses:
  • I felt I had improved over the course, finding the upper register on the valve trumpet far easier the next day. I grew in confidence after spending time with such a talented and interesting group of people and my curiosity in historical instruments has been well and truly ignited!
  • I found the workshop very interesting and would be very happy to do something similar in the future. I've never played any instruments like those before and I really enjoyed the session.
    Russell was really keen that we enjoyed the workshop and helped a great deal in the technique and musicality required in the pieces.
  • The trumpet workshop was a great success, featuring a great historical and practical perspective.
    This has been the most engaging workshop I’ve done so far.
  • Russ kept things moving, and included difficult as well as easier pieces to keep everybody engaged.
  • Techniques, such as breathing, were emphasised when we were playing the natural trumpets which helped me think about how I could transfer these skills to my own instrument. Russell was very informative and a lovely person to work with.