Solomon's Knot - Purcell Pageant - Cambridge

Solomon’s Knot’s Purcell Pageant programme - which we first aired in the Ryedale Festival just one week ago - was in fact devised to celebrate the golden wedding anniversary of two of Solomon’s Knot’s loyalest supporters. The couple invited Solomon’s Knot to the Cambridge Buddhist Centre on Friday 2nd August 2019 to perform a musical pageant in celebration of their wedding anniversary in front of an audience of their friends and family.

The Cambridge Buddhist Centre was once the Cambridge Festival Theatre, and the interior of the theatre is preserved as a Grade II listed building. Historic England describes the interior as "a virtually complete example of a Georgian theatre with a three-tiered horseshoe auditorium with the galleries supported on cast iron columns."

This dramatised performance was a fantastic celebration of love and the couple were showered with confetti at the culmination of this pageant.

“Love, in all its various forms, sits smiling at the centre of this performance - a performance intended to evoke the majestic theatrical pageants and court masques of the time of Charles II, mounted (in this instance) in celebration of lasting marital affection…” - Tama Matheson (director)

After the performance, I travelled to Suffolk to stay overnight in readiness to perform at a friend's wedding in Beccles on Saturday before staying at Heathrow Airport on Saturday night in readiness to travel to Ansbach to record Bach's Second Brandenburg Concerto [BWV 1047].

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